Henrik Norholm Photography


Henrik Nørholm began at the young age of only 12 to shoot photos and develop 35 mm films in his home made dark room in the basement of his family house in Copenhagen Denmark.

Discovered by his teacher at school who helped streamline and encourage him, Henrik soon went on to work as a freelance photographer for various newspapers mainly covering local sporting events.

After finishing his formal education he studies 2 years at the school of Photographic Art, he has since worked continuously shooting various assignments including fashion, real estate promotions, wedding portraits, advertising, sports events and photo documentaries.

Henrik now lives in Lanzarote (Spain), passionate about his work he uses only the best quality digital equipment available to provide clients with the highest quality imagery possible.

He is also multilingual, fluent in Spanish, English, German and his native Danish, which has proved extremely useful whilst working in various aspects of the tourism industry.

Henrik Nørholm was simply born with an eye for photography!

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by Henrik Norholm